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Our attorneys who practice in Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRBs)


TWG has served and continues to serve as Bond Counsel to over 60 governmental entities throughout the State of Kansas. The firm regularly advises and renders the approving opinion on financings for cities, counties, public building commissions, municipal energy agencies, airport and various other finance authorities. The attorneys of TWG have served as Bond Counsel, Underwriters Counsel and Borrower’s Counsel on hundreds of issues of Industrial Revenue Bonds for nearly every type of commerce and industry, including but not limited to hospitals, health care, housing, transportation, education, manufacturing, warehousing, entertainment, recreation, environmental, hotels, and utilities. When it comes to economic development, IRBs in Kansas still provide the best tax benefits available and remain among the State’s strongest and most important tools for securing real economic development. The attorneys of TWG are skilled and have the experience to act as sole bond counsel on any issue of IRBs, and can assist any party seeking competent representation in any portion of the process.