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Our attorneys who practice in Foreclosures / Evictions

TWG lawyers are experienced in representing financial institutions, creditors, landlords, and commercial property owners in the collection of debts, foreclosure of mortgages, foreclosure of security interests, and eviction of tenants. TWG lawyers have an extensive background in representing creditors in mortgage and security interest foreclosure matters involving residential real estate, commercial real estate, and other personal property and assets. These matters often involve the representation of banks, creditors, or financial institutions in matters ranging from high volume residential mortgage foreclosure cases to complex commercial business foreclosure and asset collection cases. Further, if the matter involves commercial or residential property leases, TWG is versed in pursuing a landlord’s rights to evict and obtain a forcible detainer judgment against the tenant. TWG lawyers have also worked through a number of complicated title lien issues and priority disputes relative to the foreclosure process. If the debtor or tenant involved files bankruptcy, which is often the case in a foreclosure or eviction scenario, TWG’s lawyers in the bankruptcy practice area are also available to help. Moreover, TWG lawyers are skilled in assisting clients with loan workout agreements, deed in lieu of foreclosure agreements, forbearance agreements, and other creditor-debtor arrangements.