Our attorneys who practice in Employment Agreements & Non-Compete Agreements

The importance of the employment law contract is often overlooked in an “at-will” state because it is seen as a tool which can be used against an employer to embolden a former employee’s claim of contract. The lawyers at TWG understand the distinction. TWG attorneys regularly draft review, negotiate, evaluate and prepare employment agreements which include enforceable non-compete, confidentiality, and non-piracy provisions for key employees. These agreements are also important in the non-employee business partner relationship to prevent a highly skilled and “in house” trained individual from learning everything they need to go to work for the competition, or compete against you themselves. Whether at the start of employment or when two business parties are terminating a business relationship, TWG has the experience and knows the necessary limitations on the scope of covenants to be contained in a lawful employment, discharge, and separation and severance agreement.