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Our attorneys who practice in Construction Contracts

The lawyers of TWG have vast experience in the drafting, negotiation, and development of construction contracts for builders, developers and owners of nearly every size construction project, whether commercial, industrial, or civil in nature. TWG has not only developed and negotiated hundreds of construction contracts for manufacturing, warehousing, industrial, commercial, entertainment, residential and hotel facilities, but also has negotiated construction contracts for complex civil projects including roads, bridges, sewer and other utility infrastructure, as well as libraries, water parks, city halls, recreation centers and more. Whether using Contracts developed specifically for your Project, AIA or EJCDC “forms”, TWG has the experience with the “general conditions” of construction contracting that can create a successful project for both builder and owner. The lawyers of TWG focus on the details that matter, so that the trip from groundbreaking to occupancy can be a better one for everyone involved.