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Our attorneys who practice in Complex Domestic Matters

Divorce becomes more complex when issues beyond resolution of the marital residence, personal property distribution, and shared child custody are involved. Complex domestic matters may deal with high income, multiple owners, combative spouses, contested child custody, blended families, and/or the valuation resolution of issues pertaining to:

  • Business or agricultural operations;
  • Real estate, oil and gas interests, and valuable collections;
  • Employment contracts;
  • One parent relocation;
  • Financial holdings requiring detailed forensic review;
  • Questions regarding the character of property;
  • Estate and inheritance concerns;
  • Assets owned prior to marriage;
  • Healthcare coverage;
  • Retirement assets;
  • Premarital or Post-marital Agreements;
  • Outstanding debt; or Foreign investments.

The attorneys at TWG have established a solid reputation for providing top-notch legal representation in complex domestic matters. If you find yourself dealing with such a matter, contact one of our attorneys today.