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Our attorneys who practice in Appellate Law

TWG lawyers are experienced in all aspects of the appellate process, including procedure, strategy, briefing, and oral argument. Our experience enhances the probability of favorable appellate outcomes for our clients and helps to control the cost and expense of an appeal. We have handled appeals from trial court decisions, summary judgment decisions, administrative rulings, and other state and Federal court rulings. Our appellate experience includes appeals as a matter of right, appeals from final orders or judgments, interlocutory appeals, petitions for review, and mandamus actions. TWG lawyers have also presented viewpoints in amicus curiae briefs on matters of important legal precedent.

TWG lawyers have successfully briefed and argued appeals before the Kansas Court of Appeals, Kansas Supreme Court, and the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. TWG lawyers have also been involved in Petitions for Writ of Certiorari to the United State Supreme Court. Several TWG lawyers are former clerks to the Kansas Supreme Court and Federal court. This experience is invaluable in providing knowledgeable and credible appellate advocacy.

TWG lawyers handle appeals in which we were involved with the litigation of the case, as well as appeals in which the case was tried by someone else and referred to us for handling during the appeal process.