End of an Era: The Last George Ablah Property Sold

Left to right Ron Ryan, Jeff Ablah, Frank Mills, Ron Harnden

Recently, AR Nebraska Investment, LLC sold a large warehouse building located in a suburb of Omaha, Nebraska. The building was originally purchased in 2011 by that entity, the members of which were George J. Ablah, Ronald D. Ryan and Frank A. Mills. Ron Ryan was a long time, great friend of George and often a financial partner with George. The two men originally met in the 60’s when Ron piloted George on an early Lear Jet. Frank was a valued part of George’s team from the time of the 1980 Koch/Ablah venture involving Lee Iacocca and Chrysler Realty properties. George purchased, sold and developed millions of square feet of buildings over his lengthy career, and was a deal maker extraordinaire! Following George’s passing in 2014, Jeff Ablah, George and Virginia’s youngest son, acquired George’s interest in the project from his other family members.

At the time of the original acquisition, the building contained 210,000 square feet and was leased as a distribution facility for Blue Buffalo Company, Ltd., a major producer of animal food products. With a tremendous amount of work and great ingenuity, the selling team was able to negotiate a lease extension with Blue Buffalo based on the construction of a 160,000 square foot addition to the building. With Blue Buffalo’s strong financial condition, the completed project was in high demand by prospective purchasers. The completion of this project would have been very pleasing to George, and he would have been especially happy that his son was able to be part of the team that put together a plan to complete George’s vision for this project. Ron Harnden of TWG represented George and his companies for over 30 years, and represented the selling entity in this transaction.


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