Cline Persuades Jury
Client Awarded Damages, Costs, Penalties and Attorney Fees

In 2015, a TWG client Homeowner in Maize, Kansas hired a Contractor to repair hail damage to her home. The work was not performed to the Homeowner’s satisfaction, so she complained to the Contractor. Instead of correcting the issues, the Contractor threatened to put a lien on the client’s home if she did not pay for the work and threatened to sue her to foreclose on her home.

Amy Fellows Cline of TWG filed suit on behalf of the Homeowner and ultimately tried the case before a twelve person jury this past July. After a four-day trial, the jury found for the Homeowner and awarded 100% of the requested damages to TWG’s client. The Court then further awarded Cline’s client $90,000 in civil penalties for nine separate violations of the Kansas Consumer Protection Act and ordered the Contractor to pay 100% of TWG’s attorney fees and all the client’s court costs.

The Kansas Consumer Protection Act says it “shall be construed liberally to … protect consumers from suppliers who commit deceptive and unconscionable practices.” Cline, her client and the jury were willing to accept nothing less.

TWG Attorney Amy Fellows Cline represents individuals, municipalities and companies in both court and administrative proceedings throughout the State of Kansas.


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